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Accurate homeopathic prescriptions

Which homeopathic remedy resonates with you, now? I use an esoteric and intuitive method to sense energetic resonance of remedies with individuals. I find this gives better, quicker results than selecting remedies on a purely rational basis, and is better matched to homeopathy as an energy medicine.

Quick consultation, quick response

I can prescribe with just a few details, so your consultation need not be long or in-depth. Even if your symptom picture is not fully developed, I can still choose the right remedy for you. On finding your remedy, I will contact you immediately to inform you.

No office visit needed

All my consultations are by telephone or internet audio. You do not need to make time to visit me in person to consult, and you can reach me from where you are, at a time that’s convenient for you.

Time-based fees

I charge based on the time I spend on your case, so if your consultation and remedy selection is quick, your fees will be low. Or, if you prefer a longer consultation, time-based fees allow this flexibility.